Why Talencia ?

when you can choose anyone that comes in front of you.

As a Leading Talent Management Solution firm, we at Talencia recognize organisation has unique challenges and create Talent Management solutions that are best suited for them and deliver innovative human resources and change management solutions that provide measurable and cost-efficient results.

At Talencia , we provide the following advantages to each of our clients in every assignment we undertake.

We work in Partnership

We work closely with client companies, identifying needs, culture, economic factors and market trends, and then shouldering the responsibility in providing a Talent Management solution that will add value to the client. We understand our customers need fast, efficient and cost effective people solutions. And we deliver constantly and consistently.

We get beyond the Resume

Resumes are increasingly under scrutiny from over ambitious creative writing.

At Talencia , we go beyond the resume and try to know the candidate in-person before recommending him/her to our clients. We use objective measures to check most of our candidates for competence, motivation, talent and personality match. We serve our clients better by focusing on the most deserving and getting the “right fit” for the client and the candidate.

We Mean Quality

We consistently provide the right fit – high quality services that best match our clients’ needs, offering superior services for the life of the project and beyond.


We follow honest and ethical business practices.


Talencia is committed to maintaining and preserving our clients’ loyalty and trust. Our clients can trust that their proprietary information is kept secure and private. Those seeking jobs can rest knowing that their search will remain confidential. We follow through on our commitments, always accountable for our actions and services.

When you think Talent, think Talencia.

That’s what they said

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